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The Benefits of Deposit Bonds

Anything that makes the sale and purchase of property easier is worth considering. Deposit Bonds are worth considering if your funds are tight or you have multiple properties under negotiation. First time buyer should consider these Bonds to as they can speed up the process and in the tight Wellington Property Market, time waits for no one! For more information on talk to Rene Moorby today.

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About Rene Moorby

Rene lives and loves the Wellington Lifestyle. With a background in Financing and Property Investment, and being passionate about property, he specializes in helping people to build their investment property portfolios. Areas of particular interest to Rene are CBD and fringe CBD properties, in particular, new apartments, townhouses, home and Income properties and 'off the plan' opportunities. “I love new properties because it is like a clean start”. When you sell a property to someone you want it to be a positive experience for them especially if it is their first home or investment. New properties are also very desirable to the rental market where the discerning tenant wants quality for their money. Quality properties attract quality tenants who pay more in rent and take better care of the property. Having an investment property is not just about buying a property and renting it out. There is a host of other services and information to consider to make the investment effective. Tax, accounting, insurance, management, etc all have to be put in place and having an agent who is a property investor as well being an experienced agent can really help. So, whether you are a beginner or a well-established investor call Rene today to have a personal chat. Visit -

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