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Selling a rental property? How to keep your tenants sweet

Selling your house is regularly rated as one of life’s most stressful experiences. Try telling that to investors who’ve gone through the sale of a tenanted property. I for one know many a hardened real estate agent driven to their wits’ end when selling a house occupied by untidy and unhelpful tenants!

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Selling your house? The beauty of an asking price

If you’ve bought or sold property in our largest city, it’s more than likely you will have at least a passing knowledge of the auction process. While real estate agents in New Zealand’s other main cities entertain a wider range of sale methods, it seems most Auckland agents are stuck on auction… Except, that is, for The Property Market – and that’s because we think times are changing.

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Selling your house? The importance of MEASURABLE marketing

If you’re selling your house, a well executed marketing campaign is one of the most important factors in getting you the price you deserve. In the not too distant past, this meant print ads in the local paper and specialist publications such as ‘The Property Press’. These days, the focus has shifted significantly in favour of online media.

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