Why Won’t My House Sell? Part 2

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Alright, we’ve gone over the comparable sales, we’ve priced our home competitively, we are ready to be fair and reasonable, but we STILL don’t have any buyers touring our house!

Why isn’t our house appealing to buyers?

Take a look at your photos first. Is there clutter? Are there bright distracting colors? Is there a dead lawn out front, broken or dirty windows, kids’ toys lying around? Those have got to go. Clean your house – I can’t stress that enough. If your version of clean is that everything is stacked in the corner or that the pile of papers is under the desk instead of on top of it, HIRE A CLEANING SERVICE. They’ll come to you; they will clean EVERYTHING (even the nasty crud growing behind the toilet); they get it done in one day; they bring their own supplies. Where’s the down side? For $100 it’s done and your home will now be more attractive to buyers.

But my house is clean! It’s spotless; the cleaning service said there was nothing to do here.
Okay, why else might your house not be appealing? Dated furniture? Questionable paint schemes? Is it just ugly? Maybe not to you, but you’ve been decorating this house and putting things in it that you like, not what a buyer is going to like. Use a critical eye, ask your agent, ask some friends and neighbours, and if no one can give you any helpful tips, call a professional stager.

Stagers will come to your house, take a tour, prepare a quote, work with you to see what you can afford, and get the most important things taken care of first.

To be continued.
This post has been adapted with permission from a post by Jessica Murr. Jessica Murr is a Realtor in Far Northern California specializing in luxury homes, ranch properties, real estate sales consulting, social media and networking, first time homebuyers, and real estate investment planning.