OOPS! I Just Ate My Mortgage Payment

mortgageIs there is any correlation between the percent of people who are late on their mortgage payments and the amount of calories consumed?

When a homeowner has problems making their mortgage payment at the end of a month, how short are they? Do they not have any money for the payment? Or is the struggling homeowner coming up just a few hundred short. With a mortgage payment of $1000, for example, that might only be $100-300.

If every month a consumer’s budget keeps coming up short, it is time a look at where the money is going.

One of the areas to look could be the monthly cost of food. Do you REALLY know how much of your paycheck is going into the fridge and eventually the mouth?

To keep things simple, a single person could break down their food costs to an average of $2.00 per meal eating at home. In one month that could be around 100 meals.

That equals $200 per month-eating at home-in a perfect world. Everyone knows people eat out at least 5-10 times a month. How much does that cost…an additional $50-150? I’m not suggesting NOT eating out, but being aware of how much you are spending doing it. That means your food cost could jump to the $300 or $400 level without really knowing.

If a person is a “big eater”, that $2.00 per-meal cost could easily double or triple, especially if a person is not a good grocery shopper. Now the “eating at home cost” goes to $400-600. The eating out cost could be an additional $300-400.

Wow! That is $1000 per month for just one person-just on food. Think of the cost for a family of four (with poor eating habits).

Much money is wasted. Imagine if a struggling homeowner could save their home AND cut their food budget in half. A person could really set themselves free. That’s empowerment! TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR BUDGET, MORTGAGE AND FINANCIAL FUTURE.