Making your money work for you – A quick introduction

As an avid property investor and owner of Capitalise Investments, understanding how to use money to make it work for you is vital to what I do on a daily basis. I often get asked how one would go about making more money or how do you get your feet on the steps of property investing, or I’ve got too many outgoings to focus on any investments. The latter being fundamentally the problem and many people fall straight in to this trap.

Formerly from the UK, I grew up in mediocre town, went to mediocre school and I followed in the footsteps of my parents. I went to school to get a great education hoping that one day I’ll be able to afford anything I wanted. Soon it was time to leave studies and focus on my “career”. I got a job, I earned, I paid my bills and got a car to match my job. Without realising at the time, that was the biggest mistake of my life. Obtaining the car through finance and having that liability to pay every single month. This is the first signs to becoming financially unstable and ultimately forming part of the daily rat race that will see me trapped forever.

To make your money work for you, there is one simple rule and I only learnt this much later in life. Focus on assets as opposed to liabilities. It’s that simple. Liabilities being everything that takes money away from you, finance, mortgage, credit cards, personal loans, those are the things that will ultimately make you poor. Think about it, you go to work to get paid, you pay off your mortgage debts, car loans and the circle begins again.

However the assets – this is something that puts money in to your pocket. If you want to be rich, spend your life buying assets and I have chosen to work within tangible assets, something you can see, feel, stay in and sell on. I work with tangible assets within emerging and distressed markets that not only appreciate, but you earn from rental income, rental income that puts money in to your pocket every single month to supplement your income from your daily job.

Making your money work for you is easier than you actually think. For example, If you want a nice new car, instead of thinking, I can’t afford the car – why not think, HOW can I afford the car. Personally I would look for money making assets; my chosen example would be real estate. I carefully invest in to an emerging market or a distressed market that will generate me income, with that income I’ve generated from my money making asset; I can afford to pay for the car loan without losing any liquid cash. Once the car is paid for, I now have an income generating assets that has appreciated in value, plus a nice new car that is mine to own 100%.

Depending on how much money you have to start with, you could use the example above to generate you future financial success to overcome mortgage repayments, car loans, credit card bills and to secure that all important financially free future. Once you have obtained the asset, it will usually look after itself without any support from you whatsoever.

So as my first post and if you’re reading this, take a look at what you can cancel out in your life to free up more cash to focus on building that asset column of your own. Take a look at your cash flow, where you get your cash and where it goes because that will tell you a story of how you handle your money.

Remember, it’s the Assets vs. The Liabilities and now is the time to learn the difference between the two.

I run a small investment consultancy and I’m always seeking ways to further my wealth creation through real estate, feel free to send me an email and follow us on twitter and Facebook.