Wallpaper or Paint

interiorDo you use Wallpaper or Paint when renovate your home for investment or sale. There are two trains of thought some believe that Wallpaper looks better and some believe that painting is better and more practical.

For some time and many renovated properties later it has always been my belief that Painting was the best method for property investment. Always when I would renovate a property the first thing I would do was go in and start stripping the wallpaper off.

You would get Hot water with dish washing detergent mix that in with the water spray all over the wallpaper soak that in and then start stripping off with a scraper. You would let that dry then you would sand down to a smooth surface then you would skim with a plaster solution. Let the plaster solution dry then lightly sand and add more compound if needed and get ready to paint. Once the skimming solution had dried and ready for paint you would add the undercoat or primer and add another one if needed. Finally adding the overall coat and I would use Spanish white on nearly all occasions.

Why did I do that? I believed that paint was more durable and could be quite easily fixed if damaged by tenants you could just paint over quite easily. Turn around for getting back onto the rental market would be quite easy and profitable for the landlord.

Wallpaper in my opinion would take you longer to fix and would chew up more of your money in holding costs while you renovated it. This process I repeated many times over and believed that this was the best method for any Property Investor.

How times have changed. I believe now that Wallpaper suits certain methods for Property Investment and Painting suits another strategy no a one suits all. Let me explain I believe wallpaper suits a strategy of if you are renovating to on sell it just makes the property look that much better. Finishing with wallpaper in my belief gives you a better look and would make it more attractive to a first home buyer. Painting I believe is more durable and should be used on a strategy of buy and hold. Repainting is quite easy and can be done many times over before you have to go back to the original process of sanding adding plaster compound and re painting.

The price difference between the two is not that much difference and so negates each other out. So whether you are a fan of paint or wallpaper I suggest look at what strategy you use before you decide what method you will use.