The changing battlefield of NZ Real Estate

battleIts kind of like a battlefield, salespeople and offices don’t appear to collaborate very much. This will be where people’s perception of a ‘typical agent’ comes from. The industry has created a system that rewards the ‘superstar’.

On superstars: Who is the largest Real Estate company in NZ?

Just like the Long Tail theory, just like the internet and its mass of niches. The largest Real Estate company in NZ, is not a company. Its the “other’ section. mmm.


Lots of change is heading our way with national sales volume far below what it was just a few years ago. We will see more salespeople and offices be forced to offering better service, better value and providing that service faster and more efficiently than before.

From the unconditional blog this week we learned that LJ Hooker has just bought Harveys. Alistair Helm had this to say:

“As the industry adjusts to the current level of sales which this year is heading for around 60,000 sales as compared to 70,000 last year, and compared to 100,000+ in each of the years spanning 2002 to 2006, the pressure on margins and overheads will and have already lead to closures of some offices and industry consolidation.”