What the last census tells us about apartment dwellers…

apartmentI stumbled on the ‘Apartment Dwellers’ section of the 2006 Census yesterday. It’s actually very interesting!

It also makes you wonder how much longer we’ll be doing this only every 10 years… If its online, couldn’t we do it more often? SO much can change in 10 years it seems the data is only useful for a few years. If it helps people and businesses make smarter choices then lets do it!

If you can’t read it all here’s the summary: Apartment dwellers are growing in numbers, younger, more educated, earn more, have greater access to the internet and are more likely to rent.

This is what I learned from 23 pages of ‘stuff’ on apartment dwellers from Statistics NZ:

  • In the 10 years between the 1996 and 2006 census the number of people living in inner city apartments in the three main centres has almost quadrupled. In Wellington the number more than tripled from 1,410 to 4,743.
  • The increase above was more than the growth rate for the total population of those areas. i.e. Wellington’s population grew by 14% but the growth in apartment dwellers increased by more than 300%…
  • In Wellington 30% of apartment dwellers were engaged in full or part time study.
  • 49% of the nations apartment dwellers are aged between 20 and 29 years. A further 20% are aged between 30 and 39 years.
  • Only 5% of apartment dwellers did not have a qualification, compared to 25% of all New Zealand adults as a whole.
  • 49% of apartment dwellers walked or jogged to work on census day. Compared to non inner city apartment dwellers where 57% used a car, truck, van or motorbike.
  • The most common occupation group was ‘Professionals’ at 32%
  • On average inner city apartment dwellers worked longer hours. 44% working more than 50 hours a week compared with 36% for non inner-city apartment dwellers.
  • Inner-city apartment dwellers had a higher labour force participation rate.
  • The median income for apartment dwellers was higher then for New Zealand adults as a whole. With Wellington having the highest, followed by Christchurch then Auckland.
  • 27% of apartment dwellers lived in an apartment they owned. Compared nationally to 67% living in a house that they owned.
  • Wellington had the highest number of people paying more than $450 a week in rent, at 40%.
  • 36% of inner city apartment dwellers lived in a household with no access to a car. This compared to 14% nationally.
  • Apartment dwellers had a higher rate of access to the Internet than those outside the CBD. (70% compared to 60%).
  • The size of inner city apartments has been reducing over the years.

If you are still reading this good job! Hope you got something useful from it.