Educating the trades when times are tough

toolsThe stats on numbers of building consents are not that flash. In fact the industry reports that a full recovery is a way off yet. But the busy times will come again that we can be sure of. And when things are busy there is no time for training. When things are quiet people are laid off and money is tight. So when do the trades get educated? Is it just word of mouth or when the building or plumbing inspector rocks up on site to tell them things have changed.

And being in small business myself I do appreciate how hard it is to find time in the day to train yourself.. But it is necessary and a priority if we are to keep on top of our game.

So to help in this regard I have created a wee training product “Tool Up” that you can read over a cup of coffee or a beer. It will make you think, it highlights areas you need to follow up and gives you an overview of some of the changes affecting the sector. The first one is free.