Property managers being ripped off by the building industry

constructionI have spoken with a lot of property managers who are being ripped off and mucked around by the building industry.

They are told by tradespeople “no, you don’t need a building consent to do this work”, only to find out later that they did. Or.. they were told to upgrade their building unnecessarily.

Then the trouble starts with Council.

This is not good enough. Wouldn’t you expect a professional designer or tradesperson to know the rules of the game (even if they don’t like them that much).

No one is pretending that building law is easy. There are some tricky bits. But that’s what we do at Building Networks.. We make the rules easy to understand. We translate bits of the law into easily understandable steps.

So my job is to tell property managers what I know and how to avoid these same pitfalls.

We run training targeted at your needs and I’ve even written a few books in that vein. The books you can read over a coffee or a glass of wine and all yours for just over $10.00

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