A True story of fishing and work…….

As a Pom arriving in New Zealand in 2006 I was amazed that every time there was a good clear day, no-one seemed to work, especially in the Trades. One look at the boatramp would tell you where they all where!

Setting up a new business at the time didn’t allow for much in the way of fishing time, not enough hours in the day and at that time the economy was booming and clients always come first.

In 2008 on a fishing charter I met an American who designs applications for iPhones so I asked if he could design an app that meant I could work and play at the same time…….as a joke. A few months later he contacted me with an app idea……..I now use it everyday and am no longer tied to the office. As long as I have mobile coverage I can be anywhere, so how does it work?

Like most things it’s a combination, the enquiry comes in by email or phone. The application is online and documents are sent as pdf’s. Using the years of knowledge I know which Bank or Lender will do what so I can create the mortgage application on the Tablet (I use a Samsung one) and submit the entire package whilst chasing that elusive Snapper or Kingfish.

Recently it really paid off with a panic call from a person who had just watched Barfoots put a Mortgagee Sale board in his front garden in Epsom. I told him what I needed and promised I could help out. The application came in 20 mins later and the offer of re-finance was made later that day. No Mortgagee Sale and a very happy customer who expressed his gratitude by placing great feedback on Trademe about my services and bought me a new rod too! His comment when I told him where I was still rings in my ears….”mate, if you are fishing and prepared to help me out I want to do business with you”. Now all I need to do is learn how to type faster!

Whatever the circumstances I can usually provide a solution, from where ever I am, www.ilender.co.nz and as the saying goes, “when the Bank says No, we love to say Yes”.

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