Building Survey

A building survey is an inspection and investigation of the construction and services of a property in sufficient depth to enable a surveyor to advise what impact the condition of that property will have upon a client/owner, to advise upon any future problems that may occur with the various components of the building and where the property does not meet the requirements of modern legislation and any alterations that must be carried out in order to comply.

Types of building surveys:

  • Diagnostic survey –establishes the nature and cause of defect(s), damage and a repair solution. This type of investigation and reporting form the majority of the building surveys carried out at Prendos, for example: weathertightness issues.
  • Maintenance survey –undertaken to identify essential repairs to components which should be routinely replaced ahead of failure. A budget can be produced for annual repairs or for long term maintenance plans.
  • Technical Due Diligence survey – prior to purchasing or leasing a commercial property or development, an independent, accurate technical survey is carried out. This allows for an informed property decision, reducing the risk of disruptive and costly surprises and the ability to maximise yield.
  • Stock condition survey – provides data on the physical condition and current performance of an organisation’s building stock in connection with the preparation of a maintenance programme. The report should enable decision-makers to make informed judgments on how they should act to arrest or reverse building degradation and the cost implications. These are also common in company sales / change of ownership and in commercial property purchases and sales.
  • Condition survey –records the current condition of a property. These are used for producing a Schedule of Condition, for example, prior to tenant possession. The Schedule of Condition should be appended to the lease agreement so a clear and accurate record on the state of the premises at time of possession is recorded. They are commissioned when a property is unable to be reinsured , for example in Christchurch, the condition prior to the end of the insurance cover is detailed so all existing issues are recorded.
  • Reinstatement survey – commonly carried out when a tenant vacates the building –.this identifies alleged breaches of covenants either during the tenancy or at the termination of a lease. Repair costs can be quantified to assist with damages recovery. These are also used to evaluate Scopes of work to identify any short comings in loss adjusters assessments in regards to insurance claims.

Prendos’s surveys are tailored to our clients individual needs and are carried out by qualified experienced professionals. All reports remain confidential to the client and do not get recorded on LIM’s .

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