Property Masters and the Baby Boomers

Post World War 2 – between 1946 and 1964 there was a population explosion, commonly called the “baby boom”. There were 1 billion babies born in these 18 years and so now, and over the next 2 decades, these baby boomers are retiring. In fact every 18 seconds a baby boomer retires!

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How can the world afford this? Our futures can hinge on how the governments and peoples of the world handle this crisis. Currently there are 3 ways that this is being dealt with by people in the following way;

  • They Don’t – they keep their head in the sand and just avoid thinking or doing anything about retirement.
  • They Put it Off – They may think about retirement, but fail to act and do nothing.
  • Strategic Planning – A very small percentage of people make a strategic plan and set goals and set out to achieve these. This small percentage will have a happy and secure retirement

But the third group are a small portion of the population – just 3 in 100, so for many people, who on average will work for 45 years, at the end of their working life they will either end up dead or dead broke.

How can you get into the 3% that succeed and gain an enjoyable retirement? The best way is to form a strategic plan and set goals and you can set goals one of two ways;

The Hard Way – You could go it alone and muddle through all the options of securing your financial freedom and retirement – OR

The Best Way – Get help and seek out others with skills and knowledge that you can tap into. Very few highly successful people get there alone. are running their Property Masters events in October in Wellington and Auckland and this is the kind of help that could get you started on a path to self sufficiency in retirement and make your current daily life a lot easier.

To succeed in life you have to show up and do something different – so come to the masters and come with an open mind and change your life.

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