NZs Meth Legacy – what it means for kiwi property investors

Bob and Sue are a typical Kiwi couple. They have worked hard, done the right thing and just bought their third property in South Auckland. Unfortunately for them, property number 3 has a hidden meth legacy. It threatens the physical health of their family, their financial wellbeing and will be the source of great emotional angst for years to come.

New Zealanders are a great race. The vast majority of us are open and honest. Most of us are prepared to work hard and give people a fair crack of the whip. We are also a country with a strong belief that our homes are our castles. A country where a route to wealth creation that is open to all of us is investment in property.

While all of these things can be true, we cannot escape the fact that NZ has the highest rates of use of methamphetamine (meth/P) in the world.

“So what” say the vast majority of Kiwis. “I don’t use the stuff and what people do in their own time isn’t my concern”. Well for owners of property, particularly owners of investment property, nothing can be further from the truth than the last statement.

Meth has been made and used in the homes you buy and live in for years. The MethStatus of the place you call home, can have a profound impact on your personal, emotional and economic health and wellbeing.

Do you know the MethStatus of your property?

More soon on this subject through this blog, but for those who want to educate themselves, try these web links: (a glimpse of our future?)

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