NZs Meth Legacy – Top 5 tips for Due Diligence

deconRecent debate on the subject of meth contamination of property has identified that some property investors feel we are making a fuss over something that isn’t that much of an issue. And, at the end of the day it is all caveat emptor (buyer beware). So, if you are daft enough to buy or move into a meth contaminated property, it is your own stupid fault. Do your due diligence and get on with it!

We don’t think that approach really cuts it. Most people are fundamentally decent. And as a nation, we are by nature trusting. So it never enters our heads that something as distasteful as meth manufacture or use could have occurred in a house they are interested in. Oh and heaven forbid that we should offend the vendor by suggesting that it might of done by insisting on a test!

So in this entry into NZ’s Meth Legacy Blog, we present yet more evidence that meth contamination of property continues to be an issue. And, given that trained Police often fail to identify labs without testing, provide our top 5 tips to include with your due diligence when looking to buy. They may not save you from disaster, but they will reduce the risk.

Good luck out there!

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