Introducing MoveSmart – Tenant Rental Loan Perfect For Landlords

Signing up new tenants can be a challenge for NZ Landlords even when there are lots of applicants.

The chosen tenant is often not selected based on their overall suitability for the rental property but on their ability to pay the rent and the upfront fees (bond, rent in advance) and this can cause issues for the Landlord later on.

Experienced Landlords realise they are sometimes better off compromising on the upfront fees to secure the most suitable tenant for their rental property. However they also know its risky collecting less to cover unforeseen damage or other incidents that can result during a tenancy and the Landlord can find themselves out of pocket as a result.

With MoveSmart Landlords can now say ‘goodbye’ to any compromise on upfront fees and secure the tenant they know is the most suitable for their property.

MoveSmart™ | Low Interest Loans for Bond, Advance Rent and Letting Fees-2

MoveSmart pays the tenant’s upfront fees and the tenant can be approved for the rental loan in less than 30 minutes.  The rental loan exclusively covers the Bond, Advance Rent and Letting Fee (if any). The Loan is disbursed directly to the landlord. The interest rate is on par with hire purchase or revolving credit loans and there are no monthly fees or fees for lump sum repayment or early settlement.

We understand the importance of finding a tenant who can afford the rental and this includes having cash ready to move in. MoveSmart is NOT for tenants who cannot afford bond. MoveSmart is simply a fast, hassle free alternative akin to buying a TV on credit. It allows the tenant to quickly say yes to a rental and pay the landlord immediately.

The facility is unique, designed just for renters and you know you have a creditworthy tenant with all up front moving costs paid. Your tenant has access to top-ups, payment breaks and extensions down the track, which is great if you tenant needs a little extra help to fix some damage during the tenancy or catch up with rent.

MoveSmart is in the process of rolling out the product through selected letting agents and property managers, however is also suitable for private landlords. MoveSmart offers great financial incentives for agents and landlords with multiple properties. All you need to do is hand the tenant a brochure.

For more information please email Adam Chisnall at [email protected]

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