NZ’s Meth Legacy – Legal profession joining up the dots on P

p_dot-to-dotRecent media coverage of meth issues has included references to a Police officer involved in the supply of meth. Its another example of stuff that we just kind of accept.

What it means though, is that:

  • no institution is safe from being touched by meth
  • no landlord can consistently pick a prospective tenant that poses a threat to their investment, and
  • no property can be purchased with 100% confidence that it doesn’t come with a ‘free’ history that will cost the new owner thousands

Fortunately, it seems the legal profession is now conttoning onto the risk and is starting to join up the dots for their clients. Good on Mark Davies at Martelli and McKegg.

The sooner more lawyers start asking their clients questions about how they have satisfied themselves that the property they are looking to buy does not have a problem, the sooner less people will pay market rate for a problem that comes with a whole heap of liability!

When fail to join up the dots on what meth means to you, the consequences for the people involved can be serious.

Good luck out there

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