Selling your house? The importance of MEASURABLE marketing

antoniaAntonia Baker, The Property Market

If you’re selling your house, a well executed marketing campaign is one of the most important factors in getting you the price you deserve.

In the not too distant past, this meant print ads in the local paper and specialist publications such as ‘The Property Press’. These days, the focus has shifted significantly in favour of online media.

Why’s that? Well, primarily because research shows that more than 90% of buyer search is done online. Only one in four buyers refers to a print ad when researching; instead buyers are logging onto websites like Trade Me and, where they not only get the absolute latest listings, but also much more information about each property than a print ad could ever hope to offer.

Online advertising is also far more cost effective than print, which can dramatically soften the blow to the seller’s back pocket. That’s got to be attractive if you’re selling your home!

From a real estate agent’s point of view, online marketing tools offer another incredibly important benefit too – measurability. Because we can track visits, views and clicks for online listings, it’s much easier for us to assess what kind of interest a property is generating throughout the marketing campaign.

For example, I know that if a new listing has roughly a thousand views on Trade Me Real Estate within its first couple of days, we’re on track to generating a good level of enquiry*. Analysing the activity around an online listing will also tell me where in the country, or where in the world, those people viewing the listing are.

At The Property Market we set up a unique, personalised website for each property we sell, using the home’s street name and number as its web address. That means interested buyers can click through from our website, Trade Me or and get even more information on the home. Check out an example here.

Email marketing is another highly effective and extremely measurable way to market homes. A good agency maintains an ever-expanding database of active buyers and, when a new property is listed, these loyal subscribers should be the first to know about it. At The Property Market we can run a report for each email sent to our database, to see how many people it was sent to, how many opened it, who clicked on the listing link and who forwarded the email.

Social media is the most recent online tool to help sellers’ market their home to a wider audience in a very cost effective manner. A good real estate agent should be active on Facebook and Twitter, and use these forums to advertise listings. These forums clearly show interest in a property, including who has commented on and shared the content we’ve put up.

All of these tools enable a real estate agent to give their client a better indication of how well the marketing is working and how attractive their home is to prospective buyers. I can also very quickly update listings if we decide we need to tweak the campaign in any way.

To really get the most out of your online marketing, you do still need to do the basics well – good photography is a must, as is a highly visible ‘For Sale’ sign.

If you’re interested in learning more about how measurable, online marketing can help reduce the cost of selling your house and help you get the sale price you deserve, give us a bell.

*A trap for young players when it comes to Trade Me Property stats is that the number of views quoted for a listing is the total number of views the property has had, rather than the number of unique individuals that have viewed the listing. So, even though your home may have had 5,000 views, only 1,000 separate individuals may have seen it. On the other hand,’s figures are based on unique views, meaning that the number you see is the number of different people that have clicked on the ad.

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