Property Deals Revealed – eBook

PropertyTutors mentoring students are a mix of budding and seasoned property investors.

The mentoring program ran by Sean Wood and Steve Goodey is ‘hands on’ – the student (property investor) needs to locate a property they wish to consider for investment. Some properties are purchased others let go.

The PropertyTutors mentoring program is the key ingredient for these property deals. The knowledge and experience of Sean and Steve and the camaraderie of the entire group provide an unsurpassable environment fit for success.

Property investment is not just the ‘buy & hold’ strategy – it also includes ‘trading’ where the investor purchases a property with the intention of adding value to it and then on-selling it for a profit.

Some property deals exceed the investor expectations while other property deals throw up challenges that cause quite a pain in the you know what.

This eBook reveals some of the property deals done in the last twelve months.

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