Landlords Do It Tough

Landlords managing their own rental properties can end up doing it really tough!

NZHerald Journalist Diana Clement recently appealed to Landlords on a couple of local property discussion forums for ‘their gripes’ or property management grievances.

On one discussion forum in particular the list was long and there were a few eyebrow raising surprises too many of which Diana mentions in her article.

Property investors say they do it tough in the media which to them seems to have a tenant bias. They can also do it very tough when they manage their own rentals and Diana’s article could be a warning to new landlords about the woes of self styled property management.

Stake Property Rentals have really almost seen it all. Shaun and Karen are seasoned property investors who have managed their own rentals for many years. Managing rental properties is what they love to do and no job is too dirty or too hard for them. Stake’s clients, many of whom are property investors who used to manage their own rentals rave about their service and wonder why they ever thought it would be easier and more cost effective to do it themselves.

I suppose like most things in life, it’s only when things go awry that we fully appreciate the expertise of others. Thankfully there are journalists like Diana Clement too who can jolt us into action before the worst happens.

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