Cookie Cutter Homes Preferred

It is the life time dream of so many New Zealanders – to one day build a house. Well not actually build it, rather engage an Architect to design a home and then get it built to spec by professional Builders.

When funds don’t permit the bespoke design and build, often becomes a ‘cookie cutter’ home instead. The difference between the two options is obvious. Designing a home to your specifications offers originality whereas a cookie cutter home is a replicated model. It’s not quite the ‘coronation street’ approach but evidence of it’s appeal is seen in new housing developments that a few styles populating hundreds of sections.

A recent news item on NZHerald may raise the alarm on custom built homes. A High Court Judge rule in favour of the plaintiffs (a couple who engaged the services of an award winning Architect Firm to design a custom built home).

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