What Does It Take To Be A Property Manager

managerWhile property managers are a dime a dozen these days – doing the job well is no easy task. Arguably there are too many property managers in business whom are not doing the job particularly well.

Property Managers have to put up with a lot though. There’s the late night maintenance calls, legal (RTA) issues, the sometimes abusive tenants, and the paperwork.

Most property owners are often left in the dark i.e. without knowledge of some events that happen at short notice and a lot of the tasks undertaken. Therefore property owners can be forgiven for assuming property managers just collect the rent and do the property inspections.

These ‘operational’ tasks are expected to be performed really well, and if teamed up with actual ‘management’ duties, a property manager is considered on top of their game. The ‘management’ component is measured on how the property manager is maximising the return for their client’s investment. This component is essentially the tipping point – turning an average property manager to premium property manager.

Arguably one person does not have it all – i.e. all the skills required to do the daily tasks and also provide the management smarts too. With this thought in mind – a property owner may elect a property management company that employs specific people performing specific tasks – with their clients getting the best of both worlds. Similar to an accounting firm where your financials get the once over by the Partner of the firm who would add in the ‘smarts’ etc before they are presented to you.

The greater the ROI you provide, the more your services are worth to a property owner and the more clients you’ll gain from word of mouth, not to mention the good reputation of your business going forward.

A premium property management business, much like Pedersens Property Management has access to resources to provide the skills aforementioned in this article as well as advertising and marketing expertise, and leadership.

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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