Experts Say Property Is Obtainable

housesThere are experts who prefer property over shares though you’d be forgiven for not knowing any by name.

We can all probably name at least three to five experts who love to diss property and push their bias – shares. In an ideal world there would be an equal number of property experts names rolling off our tongues too.

The concern is not so much needing property experts to become ‘Press Personalities’, what we need is more communication on how we can get into the property market. Our property experts need to be given equal billing on news sites to counterbalance the ‘share bias’ commentators.

Property is obtainable though acquiring it requires the same discipline and patience our ancestors had and there’s nothing wrong with that. All good things come to those who wait as the saying goes.

A couple of months ago Andrew King presented his thoughts on how Gen. Y can buy a home. This article is well written and in plain language shows how it’s achievable to get a first home in 2014. In fact saving a deposit and using some of the Government incentives suggests it is no harder to get a property today than in our parents or grand parents day.

Andrew says a first home for $500K is doable in five years – not the 10 year time frame suggested by another ‘shares bias’ commentator.

Saving requires sacrifice. During the property deposit saving period more money can be saved when creature comforts are removed. That extra expresso each day, the new summer shoes and extra room in the rental all go by the wayside but this is nothing new and it’s never been easy, however you can definitely get onto the property ladder when you are committed to do so.

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Written by Mobilize Mail for PropertyBlogs.

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