Investors Make Good On Tired Property Stock

houseTired, run down properties are in abundance throughout New Zealand. Some are inhabited, a lot are not and realistically none of them would pass a Warrant of Fitness test. Typical owner occupiers ignore these properties when they are listed for sale. Thankfully they are being snapped up by the property investors on PropertyTutors’ The Masters mentoring program.

While the property investors are being mentored on how to make a profit from property the way in which they achieve it is lateral or indirect. Our goals are best achieved indirectly according to John Kay author of Obiquity. This book informs on how our objectives are best pursued indirectly.

PropertyTutors Sean Wood and Steve Goodey mentor property investors on how to achieve a profit from turning old run down properties into homes owner occupiers want. It’s an indirect path for sure but it’s more reliable especially in the heady property market of today. The more direct path would be to just purchase and on-sell a property shortly thereafter for a profit.

PropertyTutors have released their latest eBook on Property Deals done by their mentoring clients. It’s got all the detail you need to realise these investors under the guidance of Sean and Steve are making good on tired property stock and by doing so are providing homes for people and also making a profit.

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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