How Do You Keep Your Tenants Happy?

tenantsAs landlords we want want it all. Great yield, a property that’s low on maintenance and of course last but not least happy tenants. How do you keep your tenants happy? Emergencies aside your tenants happiness with your property and their tenancy may be directly attributed to your response and timeliness in dealing with maintenance.

Some landlords view maintenance as a nuisance and a drain on their cashflow so they put it off for as long as they can. This can work for some jobs that are isolated and not directly impacting on the tenants’ level of comfort and wellbeing.

However for most maintenance jobs – ‘kicking the can down the road’ so to speak can be a false economy on your wallet or purse and it can instil resentment in your tenants. As a rule of thumb fix to an equal or better standard and in a timely fashion – your tenants will thank you for it.

Not exactly maintenance but also a big plus for keeping tenants happy is a warm and dry property. Invest in insulation especially in older houses. A dry and warm property ensures your tenants are healthy (to go to work and thus pay the rent) and keep their heating costs down (for regular rent increases). See it really is a ‘win win’ for both the tenants and the landlord.

Finally, distance between you (the landlord) and the tenants is also a win for long tenancies. Engage a professional property manager like Pedersens Property Management to manage the property dealing directly with the tenants and authorising the smaller maintenance tasks.

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This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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