A Property Mentor Versus a Property Teacher

mentorLet’s start out with the differences between a mentor and a teacher then we can apply what we know to property investment.

Understandably a mentor and a teacher are easily confused as one in the same when in reality they are quite different and achieve quite different outcomes.

A teacher may be described as being someone who’s role it is to impart knowledge and at best expect his or her students to digest it and use it. The relationship is pretty much one way. The teacher is sharing and the student is absorbing. The teacher will also encourage the student to discover and use knowledge they have found for themselves. Teaching is usually structured and follows a program or curriculum.

A mentor on the other hand engages in quite a different relationship with his mentoree. There may not be no fixed agenda or program so the interaction can be more fluid. In some circumstances both the mentor and mentoree are not always aware of
their relationship. The sharing of information between the two is both ways. The mentor will impart experiences and recommendations founded on what they know and what they do in the same scenario and the mentoree will share with his mentor fresh ideas, improvements and new prospectives.

The mentoree is engaging a mentor not to learn the basics but rather have the ability to lean on their vast experience knowing all the while the mentor will look out for him.

A property investor may engage a mentor to support them as they actively set about building up a sizeable property portfolio. The mentor would have achieved what the mentoree wants to acquire. The mentor knows what mistakes to avoid and shortcuts to take. For the property mentoree it’s makes sense to tap into the person they admire, respect and trust, with years of knowledge and skill rather than set about acquiring it firsthand. Goals are achieved a lot faster when words of wisdom are at hand.

PropertyTutors’ Sean Wood is an example of an in-demand property investment mentor in Auckland. He genuinely enjoys his role, and the relationships that come with it. In summary probably the most obvious difference between a mentor and teacher is a teacher is usually around for the short term whereas a mentor can be with you for a lifetime.

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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