CGT Not The Answer To Housing Problem

auckland_houseJanet Xuccoa a partner of Gilligan Rowe and Associates presents her research and conclusions in an article that suggests a Capital Gains Tax (CGT) really will not solve the housing problem in Auckland.

Property investors have always been easy targets and while back in 2014 when it was proposed yet again by Labour it failed to swing the vote their way. If it had a far reaching CGT would have been introduced. The fallout from it may have been quite severe and have opposite effect according to how it was received in the Aussie market when it was introduced across the ditch in 1983. Thankfully we haven’t had to find out.

A CGT is still however considered by some commentators in New Zealand as the answer to Auckland’s housing shortage. Thankfully there are experts like Janet Xuccoa who articulate the issues and potential solutions in articles like Is Capital Gains Tax The Right Answer?

Read Janet’s article here

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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