Weekend Renters Trash Family Home

Photo: Instagram @staryeyes1986

Photo: Instagram @staryeyes1986

What can go possibly go wrong renting out your home for short term stays via a very reputable and popular online travel website? For most homeowners it all works out really well. However for this young Canadian couple it went horribly wrong.

On NZHerald it was reported the young Canadian couple found out just how bad things can get when they rented out their home for a weekend. While the $875 rent was really attractive and it’s the reason so many other homeowners use the travel website Airbnb to rent out their properties on short stays, for this couple it was too good to be true.

An early txt message from a neighbour on Monday morning suggested not all was well at their home. Their weekend renters had well and truly trashed their home and caused $80,482 worth of damage to the property. Could this have been avoided? Well not entirely but like a goods trading site e.g. TradeMe where sellers and buyers build up a reputation for their trading activities the same applies on sites like Airbnb. Therefore as a renter or landlord you can review the feedback on the interested parties and make your selection based on it. It is unclear whether the Canadian couple took this action.

‘Caveat Emptor’ (buyer beware) is the lesson here – always do your due diligence on anyone interested in renting your property.


This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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