Nelson – Hot Location For Lifestyle


Baby boomers particularly those currently living in Auckland may be setting their sights on Nelson and who would blame them.  Nelson offers the perfect lifestyle with a mediterranean climate, idyllic nature walks, sandy beaches, culinary delights and of course it’s one the cultural arts capitals of New Zealand too.

The house and land packages in Nelson are really too good to be true.  Imagine selling your property in Auckland, capitalising on the high property values, and securing a better lifestyle in a brand new home (mortgage free) in one of the safest and friendliest places in the world!  This was once a move only the wealthy could afford.  Now it’s a reality for so many Aucklanders thanks to the buoyant property market.

The latest annual property sales report showed an increase in property values of 17 percent for Auckland.  The average asking price for a property in Auckland starts at seven hundred and fifty thousand dollars, while in Nelson brand new home and land for sale deals start from two hundred and fifty thousand dollars.

Nelson is out of the spotlight and flying under the radar right now, but it may not last for much longer.  The property market is on the move in this region with Trade Me Sales Price Index reporting property values up by over six percent during the last property sales season.

Aucklanders in their middle to late years of life will be questioning their current position.  They will want to time their move so they can cash in their property equity to create a better lifestyle somewhere else; probably in New Zealand’s answer to the Med – Nelson!

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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