Property Investors Give Up Their Day Jobs

quit day jobMost full time employees are dissatisfied and wish they were doing something else. Property Investors love investing so they aspire to invest full time.

A couple of robust strategies being utilised by full time investors whom frequent  PropertyTalk are: property trading and buy and hold investing.  With the latter strategy a large number of tenanted properties is required to generate enough cashflow to provide the investor with an income they can comfortably live on. Graeme and Scott are two regulars on PropertyTalk who have succeeded in using this strategy to give up their day jobs.

The other strategy is property trading and investors are keen to learn how to do it.  Arguably it’s a strategy that can earn larger profits quickly. The high interest in this strategy is good business for Sean Wood and PropertyTutors. Their mentoring program is one of kind in New Zealand and it focuses on how to find property deals and how to trade.  Many Property Masters clients start out in the program as full time employees and within a couple of years they’ve quit their day jobs to invest full time.

James Upton went to PropertyTutors’ Property Masters event in 2013. He was a full time employee with a desire to work for himself as a professional property investor. Eighteen months later and he is now working for himself but he remains in the mentoring program. James says he achieves a lot more being part of Sean Wood’s mentoring group then he would investing on his own. The mentoring group provides the camaraderie full time employees are used to and the support of a leader who provides valuable input so you make the right decisions.

In summary both the buy and hold and the property trading strategies work and the proof is evident in the growing number of successful investors now living the dream.

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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