New Zealand Property Experts Webinar – 8 Oct

webinar_8OctThe new RBNZ LVR restrictions have been in play for some time and many property investors in Auckland and around the country are slowly getting on board with them.  However it’s clear there are still a lot more questions being asked about this rule and the ‘bright-line’ test than there are answers.

On PropertyTalk Auckland property investors are very active in a couple of discussions on investing outside of Auckland which may suggest the 70% LVR restriction is better avoided than understood.  Dave Windler of Mortgage Supply says property investors are getting caught by the ‘grouping rule’ and he’ll cover this and other topics on the New Zealand Property Experts Webinar which is on 8th October 2015.

The ‘bright-line’ test is also confusing investors and homeowners alike.  Matthew Gilligan of GRA will be hot on this topic and the ‘cashflow vs capital gain’ debate on the upcoming webinar.

Are property investors concerned about the low yields in Auckland and if so where are they investing?  Auckland property values are still up by more than 20%, while Wellington struggles to get 3%.  There really are two distinct property markets now – Auckland and the provinces.  The regions offer investors more favourable investment opportunities if you’re willing to forego very healthy capital gains Auckland is offering right now.

Finally on this webinar Steve Goodey of PropertyTutors will provide evidence of investing  and trading activity in Auckland and Wellington that defies the national statistics.  Healthy gains are apparently available in any property market when you know what you’re doing.

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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