Where To Invest In Auckland In 2016

apartmntsWhere will you be investing in Auckland in 2016?  Auckland apartments may feature strongly with investors this year.   To say apartments are now in hot demand is an understatement given the growth in the market in recent months.

In the last 12 months Apartments have seen their values grow by 33 percent.  Apartments were probably undervalued up until 18 months ago.  Ongoing demand for housing in Auckland has spilled over into the apartment sector with the buyer pool widening too.  Baby Boomers moving into the city.

Demand for Apartments now exceeds supply but the buyer mindset is still the same i.e. they don’t want do ups.   Apartments need to be in tiptop condition to appeal to buyers.   A coat of paint, and new carpet maybe all that is required however it’s investors who undertake the work.

Investors mentored by Grant Hoey take it a step further too.  They stage the apartment for the sale to increase buyer appeal.  This turnkey operation (buy, renovate, stage, sell) is stamped out by Grant Hoey’s investor clients all year round.  The average turnaround from purchase to sale takes six weeks.

Apartment investors mentored by Grant Hoey say they are more confident trading Auckland apartments when they’re mentored by Grant.  His input is sought on most deals to ensure profit is not lost should unforeseen circumstances arise.

Grant Hoey has set the date for his annual one day event on investing in Auckland Cash Flow Apartments. This event is on just once in 2016. If you want to know what’s going on in Auckland’s apartment market from an investor’s viewpoint – book your ticket now to guarantee your place in the room.

Auckland apartment values have grown dramatically in the past twelve months – how have they influenced investor cash flow?

Are Auckland apartments an attractive proposition for property investors in 2016?

These questions and more will be answered by Grant Hoey – a specialist Auckland apartment investor and mentor for over 10 years. Plus at the Auckland Cash Flow Apartments seminar an investor mentored by Grant in 2015 will present the numbers (purchase, renovation and costs, sale and profit) their most recent investment deals.

What you will learn:

Up to date data on what is happening in the Auckland city apartment market RIGHT NOW.
How to ensure your inner city property is cash flow positive from day one.
Practical do-it-yourself strategies and tactics to enable you to find, analyse and secure profitable property.
How to renovate at low cost – providing an immediate gain in property value.
How to sell your property for the best price.
Plus you will have the opportunity to talk directly to a successful property investor

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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