Drug Transcends All Homes

meth testLandlords may soon be required to test for Meth use in their rental properties in-between tenancies as part of the new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.  The reported rise in P-contaminated houses is somewhat alarming insofar as the clean up costs are in the tens of thousands, plus residing in a meth contaminated environment can have negative health implications. Second-hand meth exposure is from ingesting fumes from smokers e.g. a neighbour.  Third-hand meth exposure is through skin contact with surfaces.

A discussion on PropertyTalk confirms property managers are now informing their landlord clients about meth testing between tenancies. An Auckland property manager says doing the test more than just peace of mind for the Landlords.

A PropertyTalk regular contributed this to the discussion:

“Jenny Leith tenancy adjudicator of over 25 years who acts through out New Zealand said at a IPMA conference that if you did not have a negative test result from the beginning of a tenancy then the court would not award you costs for clean up at the end of a tenancy even if you found P in the property as evidenced by a positive test. She also hinted that if the landlord put a tenant into a property which subsequently was found to be contaminated then the landlord would be found guilty of supplying an unclean property which as we know is an unlawful act and subject to a hefty fine. So the only answer is to do a test between all tenancies.”

An additional measure for the prevention of meth contamination in rental properties has been suggested by landlords on PropertyTalk.  Prospective tenants need to do a drug test upon request.  Landlords testing their properties between tenancies say it’s only right to also make sure tenants entering their properties are drug free.

Prospective homeowners will also be encouraged to carry out meth testing before purchasing a property to avoid the hefty cost of a clean up.

The question that remains is – will there be enough meth testing service providers in New Zealand to go around all the rental properties and properties on the market for sale?

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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