Investors Get Ready For Property Masters

It’s that time of year when property investors get ready for PropertyTutors’ one day property investing event called Property Masters.  The event is held in Auckland and Wellington twice a year and it’s always popular among property investors.  While the event’s format remains the same each time, the content is up-to-date and the event provides property investors with real examples of the buy-renovate-sell strategy called property trading and the latest on property funding and accounting from renown professional services firms.

Like most successful people, Sean Wood, owner of PropertyTutors has had his sceptics over the years.  Needless to say the early days of property trading were tough going for investors like Sean Wood and his colleague Steve Goodey (PropertyTutors Wellington) and the history of it’s progression and evolution  is on

Little was known of the property trading strategy until Sean set up PropertyTutors in 2008 to mentor investors and that’s the way most investors using it liked it.  Nowadays it’s mentioned everywhere including mainstream media, and hundreds of investors are loud and proud of their property deals.  There’s no doubting the good these investors are doing in the property market either.

Auckland has a property supply challenge that it’s not overcoming any time soon.   Building new homes is a longer term solution. PropertyTutors clients are providing a shorter term solution recycling property homebuyers don’t want.

Hundreds of unliveable homes are bought, renovated and put back into the market for sale using the property trading strategy and Sean’s knowledge is second to none  in New Zealand hence his extreme popularity among hundreds of property investors particularly in the Auckland region.

Steve Goodey has the same respect among the property investor fraternity in the Wellington region and his mentoring clients equally rave about his knowledge and support.   Auckland investors have a keen interest in the Wellington property market and that is pushing property sales prices up.  Investors looking for property to buy and hold for the rental income are now using property trading to add value and achieve a higher yield.

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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