Property Investors Unjustifiably Targeted

PBpostEnough already.  It’s easy to just blame property investors for all that is wrong in the property market but it’s a cop-out at best.  Property investors are not the cause of everything that’s wrong with the Auckland property market so why are they being unjustifiably targeted?  Is restricting investors’ ability to purchase property the golden answer the country has been looking for?  Where’s the evidence further restrictions will free up property for first home buyers?  Also where’s the analysis on the likely impact further restrictions will have on the hundreds of small businesses who rely on property investor activity?

What we do know is many property investors are actually a vital part of the solution i.e. supply of available property for owner occupiers. Investors will happily purchase a property that has enough land for an addition home and build an MDU (minor dwelling unit) or move the existing property to free up enough land on the section for an extra new home.

Investors are also buying the properties left on the market.  These are properties no owner occupier including first home buyer wants.  These investors take on the risk and invest in renovating the property to a high standard; then they sell mostly to owner occupiers.  PropertyTutors mentor property investors in this practice called property trading and they alone add hundreds of good quality affordable properties to the market ever year and a lot of small businesses, and self-employed workers directly benefit from their business.

What’s also not mentioned in the media is the majority of property investors are just everyday people whom have chosen to put their hard-earned dollars into property often housing people whom have often chosen to rent and not buy.  If you believed all you read in the media you’d think all landlords are greedy and all tenants are on the bread line.  Are property investors being unjustifiably targeted?  Yes.

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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