First Home Buyer Learns From Investors

InvestorInto the lion’s den of PropertyTalk goes a prospective first home buyer.  You may be thinking – it’s quite a brave move given PropertyTalk is mostly frequented by property investors and landlords.  However this first home buyer has already learned a lot from the investors whom have replied and offered him various points of view and suggestions on how to secure a first home.

In this discussion titled:  My first home search so far.

First home buyer’s first post…

I started with my first home search journey from April this year. My wife and I both work in the Auckland CBD so central auckland was a our preferred area of search initially. But it didn’t take us too long to be pushed in to outer suburbs.

In the same post there is mention of properties viewed and of interest but unfortunately out of reach for this first home buyer; including a property listed for $681K which sold for $755K and ended up back on Trade Me for $859K!

I dont think the immigrants are ruining the property market. No, its our own very local friendly neighbors, and there is absolutely nothing we can do to stop them for breaking other peoples dreams and ambitions!

However there is light at the end of the tunnel for this PropertyTalk member and much of it is thanks to his decision to jump into the lion’s den and share his experiences directly with investors.

“Seek and you will find” is a part of a well-known quote from the Apostle Matthew or was it Luke or it may have come from both.  Anyway this PropertyTalk member did ‘seek’ and ‘find’ answers and he has learned a lot.  Some of the replies in the discussion include helpful suggestions on location, and prior notice of a forthcoming property listing that may just suit him perfectly.

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