LVR Webinar Largest Audience Forecast

LVR4Aug600300The property investment Webinar series is kicking off on Thursday with Steve Goodey of PropertyTutors hosting a webinar titled: 60% LVR Funding Tactics From CEO’s.  Executive level speakers from near Bank lenders will be on the webinar to answer questions on the new LVR restriction rules.

Shortly after the RBNZ’s announcement of proposed changes to the current LVR restrictions rules; traditional banks acted and now investors need to stump up with a 40% deposit to fund investment property purchases nationwide.

The speed of response by the main banks has surprised everyone including property investors.  While the rule changes are not actually due in until 1 September 2016  investors have been left smarting with new funding now requiring them to cough up a 40 percent deposit.  This has left them with unanswered questions. witnessed a spike in visitors to it’s website during July and it’s revealed the main concern among investor is how to stick to their business plans and continue to grow their portfolios.

Funding is the hot topic of the LVR rule changes however there are other aspects the rule changes too and Steve Goodey says this webinar will be his biggest ever.

It’s a big coup getting executives from New Zealand’s largest near bank lenders on Thursday’s webinar.

Steve Goodey, PropertyTutors

It’s not only investors booking their place on the webinar.  The new LVR restriction rules also affect homeowners and first home buyers.

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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