Property Expert On Investing In Auckland

aklwebinaredmProperty investors are part of the solution of making Auckland a great place to live again and their opportunities to invest locally are alive and well. However right now it’s only the Investors who have adapted to the revised LVR restrictions who are active in Auckland.

Arguably it’s not just a lack of confidence that’s holding investors back it’s also a lack of information on the rule changes and knowing how to move forward.   Information in the public domain is not always reliable and the Banks have their own take on how to work with their investor clients.  It’s therefore timely for a couple of New Zealand’s top property experts to share their thoughts and answer investor questions on a live webinar.

Matthew Gilligan of a partner of Gilligan Rowe & Associates and Steve Goodey CEO of PropertyTutors   will spend a couple of hours next week on a Webinar aptly titled: Auckland Property Market Update Webinar discussing Auckland and the opportunities for investors.

The topics covered on the Webinar are:

General Property Market Overview
Auckland Unitary Plan
Auckland Property Supply Imbalance Versus LVR Rules
Local Auckland & General Elections
Examples Of Recent Property Investor Deals

The future success of our largest city affects all out us and on this webinar we’ll all learn a thing or two about where Auckland is heading and how we can be part of it’s future.  Property investors have a role to play now and in Auckland’s future with the supply of available homes for rent and to purchase.

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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