Should We React To Property Price Predictions?

investPredicting what the property market will do in the future has been the obsession of many property experts, commentators and investors for years. Right now their forecasts are so diverse we’re left with more questions than answers and this is causing more uncertainty especially among home buyers and property investors.

On PropertyTalk this discussion is popular. A property investor says he’s looking for a second rental however it may not happen now if Auckland is indeed looking at an “outright house price fall” as mentioned in a news item on NZHerald. However this property investor may actually perk up on hearing a less severe change is on the horizon according to another Bank.

What we do know is the property market moves in cycles and it’s likely the boom phase we’ve enjoyed for some time is coming to an end with property values in some locations set to stagnate for a time. Property investors however needn’t change course due to change in the property cycle.

Investors on suggest the same basic buying rules apply in all market conditions and if the numbers work then the property is a fit. Furthermore an Accountant on PropertyTalk says property will in the long term always go up so if it makes sense to buy now don’t hesitate as the saying goes: it’s always a good time to buy property.

Property investors can lose confidence when they rely on what’s being circulated in the media and online.  Property mentors usually show their true worth in times of indecision and confusion. PropertyTutors say their investor clients in Auckland and Wellington learn to block out the media noise and focus on the business at hand; working through the property numbers and taking action when it make sense to do so.

The numbers never lie so do your due diligence, and have the confidence to keep on course.

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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