The Property Staircase

StaircaseThe LVR restrictions have stopped many property investors in their tracks.  However some investors have been using a strategy called The Property Staircase and getting amazing results.  Property investment education has been on the rise since October 2016 and with demand comes supply. New property experts have popped onto the education scene offering seminar and mentoring services.  On PropertyTalk investors say their experience has been a mixed bag and many have been left wondering what all the fuss is about.  They’ve been educated yet they’re still no further ahead – their bank is holding all the strings.

One mentoring team bucking the trend and doing well for their clients is PropertyTutors.  Finance guru Dave Windler of Mortgage Supply is their team’s ‘go-to’ person for funding. Releasing trapped equity and then recycling it too is a strategy that’s working for the investors in the mentoring program and they’re  producing impressive results. What LVR restriction?  Steven is a good example of investor not held back by the restriction rules. He has done 16 property deals in 10 months this financial year alone.  However he says it’s not all of his doing.  It’s working for him because he’s in the PropertyTutors’ mentoring programme and he is still learning from people with far more experience than him.

Being educated and supported by the right property investor team is fundamental to my success in today’s market.

PropertyTutors call their property investment model:   ‘the six figure property investing blueprint’, however some prefer to just call it ‘The Property Staircase’.   With each step taken by an investor, a new property is added to their property portfolio, and when they are not stepping up the’re preparing for the next purchase.   Work undertaken during this time may involve adding value to existing properties to free up more equity. On a recent Property Market Update webinar Dave Webinar explained the property staircase and how it can quickly turn into an escalator for investors using it under the guidance of the right experts and strategies.

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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