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PropertyBlogs is here to help your business get found on the Internet.

Buyers research online before making a purchase decision so if you cannot be found via search, blogs, forums or social media networks then you don’t exist!

Businesses also need to gain trust with buyers and continue to deliver value. You can achieve both here by publishing news worthy articles focusing on your skills, products, services and knowledge. Your press releases can also be published on increasing the awareness of your brand and message.

What’s On Offer For You With PropertyBlogs?

  • A Marketing Solution Designed to Promote You
  • Social Networks Distribution – to Reach more NZ Eyeballs
  • Tools provided to communicate with Buyers
  • Article Publicity Schedule
  • Statistics Galore!
  • New Zealand Focus
  • Copywriters – to write your articles

Designed To Promote You
PropertyBlogs is designed from the ground-up to present your articles, press releases (and brand) professionally. Your content is presented with quality images, video, links to any other articles you have published and a “Connect with the Author” bio section for direct contact access.

Content Distribution (to Reach More Quality NZ Eyeballs)
As soon as your content is published on PropertyBlogs we share it with our established social networks (including Twitter, LinkedIn, Digg, Delicious, Stumble Upon, and Facebook) to increase the view rate of your content and brand. Our RSS and email subscribers are also alerted resulting in a higher quality view rate by potential buyers.

Communicate with Buyers
PropertyBlogs provides tools that help you form relationships with buyers who expect instant and transparent communication with the businesses they deal with.

Content Publicity Schedule
A release schedule is created for each article and press release planning the times/dates and frequency of releasing the content to our online communities. For example based on the content we may release your content 25 times to Twitter within the first month of being published.

The schedule maximizes the amount of opportunities your content has to reach as many buyers as possible.

Statistics Galore!
We provide real-time statistics on the number of views for each article and press release and where the readers have been referred from so you can see where your buyers hangout online.

Focused on New Zealand
Most if not all of our competitors focus on the US market and access communities and networks nowhere near New Zealand. PropertyBlogs only focuses on New Zealand markets and NZ based communities.

If you don’t have the time or skill to write your own articles or press releases you can engage our copywriters to write the content for you!


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