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“Outbound Marketing” – the older and less-effective way

Most businesses today still have the old “Outbound Marketing” strategy that disrupts or imposes on people in order to get a marketing message across…

It uses tools such as telemarketing, unsolicited (opt-out) emails, unsolicited postal mail and adverts in printed media. It’s all about pushing your wares in-front of the consumer even when they’re not interested. As we know, we’ve all found ways to ignore the disruption or used tools to block or dispose of it such as CallerID, spam filters, email cleaning filters, and the trusty rubbish bin. Marketers have really shot themselves in the foot by over-disrupting people and are now considered an annoyance to be ignored.


Instead of attempting (and these days failing) to disrupt people, why not encourage a relationship between you and your customers & prospects where they talk about their needs and interests and you listen (and respond)…

The new and effective way of connecting with customers – ‘inbound marketing’

Trust is getting more important for building business, and this usually relies on effective relationship-building. “Inbound marketing” is about building a relationship with your consumers and prospects with the intention of establishing open and transparent communication. The key thing here is that you as a business actually listen, tune into customers where they’re at, and respond.


People are now expecting more transparent and mutual ‘partnering’ relationships with businesses. Inbound Marketing helps in forming that relationship such as blogs, forums, chat, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Once you establish relationships with growing trust, you build a platform for acquiring customers and ongoing sales. But how can you go about it…?

Our new integrated system to tap into social media without the usual time, effort and skill required

There’s a new and easy way to use Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, forums, chat, etc to build your business. comes into its own by providing a blog environment that connects with other social media tools to help build business communities.

The blogs we host support a “write once – post many” approach…so that once a blog post is published, it gets automatically inserted into associated Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Email Subscribers, and RSS feeds in the required formats. Powerful! Easy! The commitment for businesses is to provide good blog content, then we can help do the rest…


But, there’s more…your blog posts also get included in our social media channels which have thousands of followers – giving your business even more exposure…

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