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Where To Invest In Property?

If you’re considering investing in property, knowing where to buy is vital. Regions can be hot and cold depending on what’s happening economically.

Auckland as we know is the leading economy in New Zealand and it’s real estate is in hot demand so is it the place to invest?

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Why an Investment Property is Preferred

There’s been a lot of promises of incentives for First Home Buyers however investing in property over a PPOR (principle place of residence) from the get go makes more sense.

You can have a broader choice of properties, from standalone houses to apartments in areas you may not personally live in.

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What if Council information is wrong?

I once heard a story about a property developer who purchased a property for residential redevelopment. Integral to the due diligence investigations was a LIM which clearly identified the location of services. Services were in a convenient position to enable redevelopment and the developer in our story proceeded

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