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Landlords Do It Tough

Landlords managing their own rental properties can end up doing it really tough! NZHerald Journalist Diana Clement recently appealed to Landlords on a couple of local property discussion forums for ‘their gripes’ or property management grievances.

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Conquer Your Clutter at Home

It’s kind of like working out — you’ll be impressed by what a few minutes a few times a week can eventually build up to. Tackling a messy home isn’t easy — but especially when you’re renting or leasing, you never know when some minor emergency will have the landlord handing you a 48-hour entry notice.

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What if Council information is wrong?

I once heard a story about a property developer who purchased a property for residential redevelopment. Integral to the due diligence investigations was a LIM which clearly identified the location of services. Services were in a convenient position to enable redevelopment and the developer in our story proceeded

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What is quiet enjoyment?

The right of a lessee under a commercial lease to quiet enjoyment is implied in the majority of leases. The implied covenant is a limited guarantee that the lessee can occupy the premises without interruption or disturbance from the lessor, or persons through whom the lessor derives title or persons who claim through the lessor.

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