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Property Managers Help Manage Landlords Insulation Compliance

The countdown is on for landlords and their rental properties compliance with the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act 2016. Insulation is compulsory in all rental properties by 1 July 2019. Landlords have been working closely with their property managers over the past couple of year stating the condition of insulation in their properties on every new tenancy agreement and properties that are under-insulated will need a top up within the next couple of years.

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March Madness Hits Cities – It’s A Full House

It’s a full house in Auckland and Wellington now the students have returned for the 2017 year. Traffic is heavy and patience is needed as we’re all tested in peak hour. On the home front development is soon to get underway on the huge 57 floor apartment tower call “The Pacifica”. It will have 295 Apartments many will be premium with a price tag to match.

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Tenant Fined Sets Precedent

Tenants need to know they are now on notice regarding smoke alarms. The Tenancy Tribunal fined a Hamilton tenant for tampering with smoke alarms this month setting a new case-law precedent for future cases. Landlords and property managers have taken notice of this outcome and it can be said the Residential Tenancy Amendments Act 2016 (RTAA) effective 1 July 2016 is now very much part of Tenancy Tribunal legislation ‘tool-kit’.

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Top 10 Tips for Landlords

Being a Private Landlord is a popular choice these days and with so many horror stories of bad Property Managers it is no wonder that so many decide that it is safer to handle matters themselves. Unfortunately though, the reality is that too many Private Landlords find themselves in compromising situations due to lack of knowledge of the RTA and lack of experience when dealing with Tenants and the Tenancy Tribunal.

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