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Honing In On Property Investors

Measures to dampen property demand are on the table and in the media it’s the upping the current LVR restriction on property investors that is most favoured as the most likely action taken by the RBNZ. However it may not be the only measure as the RBNZ Deputy Governor is reportedly saying DTI (debt to income) ratios may also have a role.

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Property Listings Drought Adds Fuel To Fire

A property listings drought is adding further fuel to our over-heated property market. Property prices are increasing everywhere except Taranaki according to Trade Me Sales Price Index and that’s got the RBNZ considering further action to curb demand.

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Property Investor Loans – Under Scrutiny

The RBNZ is consulting until 7th April 2015 on a potential new sub asset class for property investor loans. The Bank wants to further classify property investor loans, so it can ensure banks are holding adequate capital for investment property lending. In a market downturn losses associated with mortgage defaults are higher for investment properties than owner occupiers.

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