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Renovating Your Property to Sell

Renovating to sell. A very different proposition than renovating a property to live in yourself or rent out to tenants. There are a couple of main differences – namely the actual changes you should be making to the property (areas you renovate, products and materials you use) and the amount of money you spend on making those changes.

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Why Won’t My House Sell? Part 3

Finally, we’re priced right, our house looks so good we are considering keeping it and not selling after all, but we STILL don’t have any buyers looking at it!! What gives?? I hate to say it, but maybe your agent isn’t using the right tools to market your home.

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Why Won’t My House Sell? Part 1

So you’ve listed your house for sale, your agent has come and taken photos, your listing is on the Internet, you have seen it in the newspaper and in the real estate magazines but you haven’t had a single showing. What’s wrong???

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