Tighter Rules Welcomed

The recent Government initiative to apply a two year rule on homes sold within two years of purchase by non owner occupiers is welcomed by property investors. Andrew King of the Property Investors Federation has represented property investors nationwide in the press and on TV recently. He confirmed what we’ve been saying on PropertyTalk for some time.

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Weekend Renters Trash Family Home

What can go possibly go wrong renting out your home for short term stays via a very reputable and popular online travel website? For most homeowners it all works out really well. However for this young Canadian couple it went horribly wrong.

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Continued Confidence In Canterbury Property

Canterbury property values have eased back but there’s still confidence in the local market. The Trade Me Price Index suggests the average sale price for Apartments over the last three months rose 21 percent. The Price Index calculation ignores all sales with values under 10 percent and 90 percent.

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A Property Mentor Versus a Property Teacher

Let’s start out with the differences between a mentor and a teacher then we can apply what we know to property investment.

Understandably a mentor and a teacher are easily confused as one in the same when in reality they are quite different and achieve quite different outcomes.

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Rental Property Weekly Rent Rate Up

In the last five years the average weekly rent has gone up $70 a week from $340 – to $410. It has also climbed 6.5% from February 2014 to February this year according to Trade Me’s Rent Price Index. While you’d expect larger weekly rent rate increases in the Auckland region they were rather modest at just 5.6% with Wellington at 5% and Canterbury at 7.1%.

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Set and Forget Your Mortgage?

The hassle free approach is to set your mortgage on a fixed rate for a set timeframe and then essentially forget about it until its renewal date. For longer term fixed rate mortgages this could be five years or of course much longer now there’s the 10 year fixed rate deal with TSB. So what could you be missing out on by taking this approach with your home loans?

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New Small Homes A Hit In Auckland

Minor dwellings were once the reserve of property developers and property investors seeking more rental return. Now minor dwellings are popping up all over Auckland and owner occupiers are also using them.
In the past 18 months new smaller homes have been built on land that had just one home. In a NZHerald news item – a QV spokesperson is quoted:

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How Do You Keep Your Tenants Happy?

As landlords we want want it all. Great yield, a property that’s low on maintenance and of course last but not least happy tenants. How do you keep your tenants happy? Emergencies aside your tenants happiness with your property and their tenancy may be directly attributed to your response and timeliness in dealing with maintenance.

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