Less Red Tape – Rules Reduction Task Force

The newly formed Rules Reduction Taskforce has been set up with leaders appointed and a website now online. The focus of the website is to capture information from all and sundry with building and home improvement experiences that went awry due to rules halting or delaying progress.

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Spring Clean

Winter has passed and the warmer weather is hinting Summer is nearly here. Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your stone work. The best product we know for rejuvenating your natural stone, granite, marble, limestone, slate and ceramic or quarry tiles is Miracle’ 511 Seal & Enhance.

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Take Years Off Your Mortgage?

Do you focus on taking years off your mortgage or increasing its term to 3o years? There is no one answer or one right path to take as both options work well depending on what they are used for.

A owner occupier will have different lending needs to that of a property investor.

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Unconditional Contract

You have been out to buy your first home. Yesterday, you fell in love with this seemingly fantastic house with an amazing view.

After hearing that it is likely to be snatched up any time soon, you hurriedly signed an agreement to buy it WITHOUT any conditions attached.

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More Affordable Housing A Key Focus

John Key was sworn in as Prime Minister yesterday and top of his list of things to do was the revamp of the Resource Management Act (RMA).

The RMA revamp has been quite contentious with environmental NGOs protesting and National losing the support of their coalition partners United Future and the Maori party.

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What Does It Take To Be A Property Manager

While property managers are a dime a dozen these days – doing the job well is no easy task. Arguably there are too many property managers in business whom are not doing the job particularly well.

Property Managers have to put up with a lot though.

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Why an Investment Property is Preferred

There’s been a lot of promises of incentives for First Home Buyers however investing in property over a PPOR (principle place of residence) from the get go makes more sense.

You can have a broader choice of properties, from standalone houses to apartments in areas you may not personally live in.

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My New Book: Tax Structures 101

I have some great news to share with you that will help you make headway with protecting your property investments and making sure you pay the least amount of tax, legally of course.   After many months of working day and night, my new book ‘Tax Structures 101′ is now available to purchase by going to… Read more…

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Wellington Property Prime For Investors

Auckland property is out of reach for so many buyers, most notably the first home buyers. But what about looking to purchase property elsewhere? The Wellington property market could become the shining star as it can offer properties that are reasonably priced.

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