The Meth Mine Field

Meth contamination is a big threat to rental properties as it’s popularity grows. Clean up costs are in the tens of thousands and investor experiences with contamination are now on including this discussion: Meth testing between tenancies which has nearly clocked up 20,000 views in just nine weeks.

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Property Investors Unjustifiably Targeted

Enough already. It’s easy to just blame property investors for all that is wrong in the property market but it’s a cop-out at best. Property investors are not the cause of everything that’s wrong with the Auckland property market so why are they being unjustifiably targeted?

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Are You and Your Property Manager Ready?

The countdown is on now the Residential Tenancies Amendment Bill will be passed into law on 1 July 2016. From this date Landlords and Property Managers need to beware of their respective responsibilities around rental properties meeting the required standards by the ‘Amendments’ due dates.

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Joint Ventures – Be Aware Of Pitfalls

A discussion on PropertyTalk on joint ventures this week suggests there are many property investors whom have heard of the joint venture strategy but have very little knowledge or experience of how it works. Entering into joint venture deals lightly can be thwart with obstacles that can turn a deal bad.

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500+ Investors Learn The Way To Profit

More than 500 people gathered in The Langham, Auckland over the weekend for the Property Masters event to meet property investment mentors: Sean Wood and Steve Goodey of PropertyTutors. Sean set up PropertyTutors in 2008 to mentor property investors in the property trading strategy.

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Property Listings Drought Adds Fuel To Fire

A property listings drought is adding further fuel to our over-heated property market. Property prices are increasing everywhere except Taranaki according to Trade Me Sales Price Index and that’s got the RBNZ considering further action to curb demand.

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Foreign Buyers Data Interesting

Property sales data on non-resident buyers has proven interesting so far but is from conclusive and is not likely to singlehandedly trigger further action by the Government or the RBNZ. The new rules introduced late last year shrunk the pool of foreign buyers who were waiting for new IRD numbers.

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Couple of Rentals Is Not Enough Says Investors

A discussion on PropertyTalk on whether Landlords should own just a couple of rentals each has created some lively debate over the past few days. Property investment is deemed one of the causes of the Auckland housing crisis and last year the bright line test rule, and 70% LVR on Auckland rental properties came into effect to target investor activity.

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Greedy Landlords – Where?

In the media a couple of reliable sources confirm rent increases have not risen alot over the last twelve months – so where are the greedy Landlords? Property sales and prices continue to forge ahead with gusto while rents remain static thus widening the gap between sales and rents according to the latest Trade Me Property Rental Index.

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Measures To Tackle Rising Property Market

The measures imposed last year by the RBNZ and the Government worked albeit for just a couple of months. Property prices dropped and we all took a breather from October through to February this year. The property data for March presented a rebound in both property sales and prices in Auckland and many other regions and this month is also buoyant. Therefore it’s likely more restrictions aimed at limiting demand for Auckland property will come into play soon.

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Investors Get Ready For Property Masters

It’s that time of year when property investors get ready for PropertyTutors’ one day property investing event called Property Masters. The event is held in Auckland and Wellington twice a year and it’s always popular among property investors. While the event’s format remains the same each time, the content is up-to-date and the event provides property investors with real examples of the buy-renovate-sell strategy called property trading and the latest on property funding and accounting from renown professional services firms.

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