Low Interest Rates Winners and Losers

doorLower mortgage interest rates is a big deal for most homeowners and buyers.

Existing homeowners can hunt around for a better deal with the same or another lender and in the process save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on interest payments. Even if a borrower is locked into a fixed rate deal on a fixed term, it often pays to break it and reap the rewards of paying a lot less interest.

For first time home buyers, lower interest rates can be the difference between renting and owning a home. Existing homeowners trading up or down, see lower interest rates as a great time to sell and buy too, Therefore there is always a frenzy of activity in the mortgages sector when there is movement in interest rates and there will be winners and and there will be losers.

Winners and Losers

Lower interest rates sends a signal to vendors with homes to sell, that there are more buyers in the market. This can get unsold properties sold which is a win win for vendor and buyer.

More buyers in the market, however can also push the sales price up, as vendors aim to get the best price and there can be only one buyer, the one who is willing and able to pay the most.

In this situation it’s more of a win for the vendor. The eventual purchaser is likely to have paid more than they were comfortable with and thus borrowed more to get the property. Plus there were many buyers locked out by the higher price.

First Home Buyer Tip

The tip for first home buyers is to always be ready to take action as soon as the timing is right.

For first home buyers, it’s always a good time keep a financial advisor or broker up to speed on your personal financial position. This way when the timing is right, like a downward move in interest rates, you can just ask the question:

“What can I afford to borrow, now the interest rates are lower?”

There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to borrowing money. Your position will determine how high risk you are to a lender.

A trusted advisor in the know, can act fast on your behalf when lending conditions favour you. Lenders who see you a good ‘investment’ will be keen to move quickly too, to secure your business and thus beat their competition, i.e. other lenders.

Recent news of an OCR rate drop by the RBNZ, spread like wildfire around the country and the early worm is sure to get the best deals.

Homeowners with advisors already up to speed on their current position, will be busy acting on their behalf, to find the best deal saving their clients hundreds if not thousands in interest repayments over the term of their loan.

Property price increases have cooled in Auckland, increasing by just 1.7 percent compared to the previous year. Listings too have been lower, however that’s all about to change. More buyers, trigger more listings and with more buying power, higher property prices.

Timing is everything, so whatever your circumstance, talk to your mortgage advisor and act on the deal that’s right for you.

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