Hamilton Property Swooped Up By Investors

hamilton propertyWill Hamilton be the next city to see double digit property value growth? Hamilton may be the winner from the recently announced LVR restrictions placed on Auckland property investors investing locally. Aucklanders’ investing outside of the Auckland region are now encouraged with a higher LVR threshold resulting in less deposit required to secured a home loan.

Hamilton is naturally the go to city outside of Auckland for property investors who’d probably prefer to be investing at home but will look elsewhere when pushed to do so.

Already there’s a steady increase in commuter traffic between Hamilton and Auckland due to the cost of living being cheaper in Hamilton but the work located in Auckland.

John May is an Auckland seasoned property investor and a REAA registered Real Estate Salesperson. It’s no surprise his focus has shifted to Hamilton and it’s coming up trumps for him with property deals that tick all the boxes.

John May says:

A lot has changed recently and I’m ready for a very busy sales period ahead with so many local property investors keen to secure high yielding rental properties in good areas of Hamilton.

John has two Hamilton rental properties on the market right now and he has confirmed there are a few more coming his way very soon.

Watch this space, Hamilton property values are sure to rise over the coming months as Auckland property investors cash in on Hamilton’s great property deals.

This blog article was written for PropertyBlogs by Mobilize Mail.

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